Understanding poverty

Poverty is experienced differently in every city, county, and country. A key component of our program is describing and defining what poverty is like in our community. Understanding what poverty is for us personally, and what it’s like for our community is essential in making effective strides in transitioning out of poverty towards a brighter future.


Poverty is not solely defined by how much income or wealth we have. A high quality of life includes other resources, such as good physical health, a rich social and emotional life, and more. This perspective gives us something to do about poverty. Build resources.

So what are all the resources we focus on understanding and building in the course?

  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Mental
  • Social capital
  • Spiritual
  • Integrity and trust
  • Motivation/persistence
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Knowledge of hidden rules
  • Relationships/role models

Building resources is virtually the only way to establish long lasting stability. Working alongside other participants to successfully build resources is a key-component that makes our program impactful, life changing, and long-lasting.

Community focus

  • Community assessment
  • Rich/poor gap
  • Research on causes of poverty: Primary research and secondary research
  • Building a plan for community prosperity

Future story

Everyone has a future, but everyone’s future story is different and so is how every individual achieves their future. A future story is what you as an individual envision for your family, yourself, for your community. A picture of what your life would be like after going through the transformation necessary to get there. It’s hard to build the future you want without the right tools. Learn what the necessary tools are and build towards your future story in our Getting Ahead course at Hinesight.


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