Being a mentor at Hinesight

The relationship in mind. The goal in sight.

Be a part of making the Fredericksburg community a better place to live and thrive.  Hinesight’s mentors build a one-on-one relationship with local youth, striving to discover, nurture and focus the interests and abilities that will help the youth succeed both in and out of the classroom.  These are relationships that will stay relevant through a lifetime, both through personal success and through a commitment to the larger community.  Share in bringing hope and empowerment to a community one life at a time.

Our mentoring program uses adult volunteers to commit to supporting, guiding, and being a friend to a young person for a period of at least one year. By becoming part of the social network of adults and community members who care about the youth, the mentor can help youth develop and reach positive academic, career, and personal goals.

We train our mentors with National Mentor Resource designed volunteer training sessions hosted and facilitated by our staff at Hinesight.

What our mentors do:

  • Take the lead in supporting a young person through an ongoing, one-to-one relationship
  • Serve as a positive role model and friend
  • Build the relationship by planning and participating in activities together
  • Utilize Hinesight mentoring curriculum during activities and meeting times with mentee
  • Strive for mutual respect
  • Help build internal resources (such as self-esteem and motivation), set goals, and work toward accomplishing them

What to expect?

Time Commitment:

  • Make a one-year commitment
  • Spend a minimum of five hours per month one-to-one with mentee
  • Communicate with the mentee weekly
  • Attend an initial two-hour training session and additional two-hour training sessions twice during each year of participation in the program
  • Attend optional mentor/mentee group events, mentor support groups, and program recognition events



  • Personal fulfillment through contribution to the community and individuals
  • Satisfaction in helping someone mature, progress, and achieve goals
  • Training sessions and group activities
  • Participation in a mentor support group
  • Personal ongoing support, supervision to help the match succeed
  • Mentee/mentor group activities, participant recognition events


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