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What to expect

Our adult empowerment program is going to be hard work. In Getting Ahead, no one will be lecturing or teaching in typical ways. One way to think of it is like a boot camp for getting your thoughts and aspirations in order and training on what is necessary to transition from just getting by, to Getting Ahead. In the program you will be an investigator. That defines you as someone who digs for the facts and doesn’t settle for the obvious answers personally or in the community

The goal of Getting Ahead is to develop what we call your “future story.” A future story is what you as an individual envision for your family, yourself, and for your larger community. It’s a picture of what your life would be like after going through the transformation necessary to get there. It’s hard to build the future you want without the right tools. Learn what the necessary tools are and build towards your future story in our Getting Ahead course at Hinesight.


  • Receive knowledge about personal and community change
  • Build personal plan for change
  • Create a support network for success
  • Receive a personal Getting Ahead booklet with modules for building stability
  • Stipend


  • Commitment to attending each session. Two absences are allowed.
  • 18 years or older
  • Completing outside assignments
  • Participating in online discussions outside of in-class sessions


1418 Princess Anne St.

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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