Adult Empowerment program: Getting Ahead!

It is possible to change your circumstance, sometimes you just need the right tools.  But what are those tools, and where do you find them?  What does it take to go from unstable, to stable, to thriving? Learn the steps and develop the plan, with with Hinesight’s adult empowerment program: Getting Ahead.

About Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead is an 8 week, group-based, interactive workshop series course geared towards equipping participants with the knowledge necessary to build the future that they envision.

There are two stories that the program follows throughout each module and exercise within the course:
1. The individual’s personal growth
2. The community in which the individual lives

We focus on the individual story and the community throughout the program because poverty is about much more than just the choices individuals make. Plans for transitioning to a life where you are thriving requires understanding that individual action, organizational action, community action, and policy changes all effect long lasting change in your life. Long-lasting change requires all four to move closer in coordination and to put forth action for positive changes.

There are multiple modules and exercises that participants go through in Getting Ahead at Hinesight, but they all revolve around 4 key areas of focus:

• Understanding poverty
• Building resources
• Focusing on the community
• Building your future story

Helping your family do more than just getting by. Gain the tools, make the plan. Take Getting Ahead.


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