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A Brighter Outlook for the Whole Family

All families and individuals can thrive, but not in poverty.

We address generational poverty through family empowerment.

Our approach to empowering individuals and breaking the cycle of poverty is to equip and support both youth and adults in their transition from just getting by, to thriving. 

We believe that all families and individuals are capable of creating positive change – not only for themselves, but for a whole community.


Mentor For Change

Mentoring is about thriving as young person. It’s about developing organizational skills, growing in confidence, getting better in school, gaining new experiences, and discovering who you are as a person. But most of all, it is about having fun, and building quality relationships all while growing as a young adult.


Getting Ahead

It is possible to change your circumstance, sometimes you just need the right tools.  But what are those tools, and where do you find them?  What does it take to go from unstable, to stable, to thriving? Learn the steps and develop the plan, with with Hinesight’s adult empowerment program: Getting Ahead.


Helping communities to thrive.

At Hinesight, we believe in nurturing Talent, Unearthing Potential, and Enriching Communities.

You are never to young or to old to take the next step.  Hinesight creates relationships that help raise individuals to their potential.  We believe that helps communities reach their potential.


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